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lonelocust's Journal

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a single hungry grasshopper
6 November 1981
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Laura is a floating reed on the currents of the world. Also, a fairy princess.
a. e. houseman, abstraction, absurdity, aesthetics, androgynous pronouns, antiques, art nouveau, astronomy, b movies, baking soda, ballet, baroque, bathroom graffiti, belly dancing, bicycling, bohemianism, books, cartoons, changeling, chosen families, civil disobedience, civil liberties, clarity in language, clark ashton smith, classical mechanics, climbing trees, communalism, computers, contemplation, corsetry, costuming, cthulhu, d&d, d-pittsburgh-bullcrap, dancing, dark alleys, ddr, don marquis, dreams, edgar allan poe, etymology, faery tales, fantasy, folklore, fractals, freedom, frolicking in the rain, fuzzy math, gaming, geeky stuff, glitter, goat cheese, goth, hacking the urban context, happy toads, haute couture, hippies, historical cosmological models, honey badgers, horror, hugging trees, idealism, imagination, information theory, intellectualism, intp, jung, kaiju big battel, kung fu movies, larp, latin, linguistics, lip balm, live journal interests, lord byron, louis comfort tiffany, magical realism, marxist-satanic-foreign sexual practices, math, mathematical formalism, melancholia, monsters, mythology, neil gaiman, nerdcore hiphop, nerdy stuff, opera, pantheism, parrots, pedantry, percy shelley, philosophy, physics, pi, pie, poetry, pointless stories, polymaths, poncy elves, portmanteaux, post-apocalypse, psychology, pythagoras, quaint amusements, random facts, reading, religion, roleplaying games, romanticism, rube goldberg devices, sara teasdale, science as description, science fiction, science!, sewing, sexual liberation, shenanigans, sidhe, snow, sociology, space opera, space travel, sparkly things, speculative fiction, stained glass, steampunk, storms, stupid science tricks, surrealism, sword and sorcery, systems, tangents, tea, the moon, the sublime, thousands-year dead languages, thunderstorms, toys, unicore, unilobe, unitarian universalism, vitamin water, wikipedia, wikis, wistfulness, wxaining, yagan's head, yoga, your mom, zombies

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